To get the best picture possible — whether you’re watching an HD movie at home or giving a PowerPoint presentation at work — you’ll need the right type of projector for how you plan to use it. Although most projectors can handle any type of media, they generally do one thing best — whether that’s entertainment-based content such as movies and TV shows,or data-based content such as spreadsheets and slideshows.

Projector Screen

Although you can use a white wall as a screen in a pinch, a high-quality projection screen will make the picture look better and brighter. Since the screen reflects back light, it works together with your projector to make colors and images pop off the screen. Every screen is rated according to its gain factor, or how efficiently it reflects light. The higher the gain, the brighter the image will be on the screen.

White screens enhance brightness, which is especially beneficial for business use, where you’ll be viewing images in a well-lit room and presenting documents and graphs with a white background. Gray screens boost color contrast and make 3D images stand out more, which makes it a good color choice for a home theater room with ambient lighting or light-colored walls.

Interactive Boards

In today’s dynamic business environment, and constantly growing technologies, companies must keep their employees informed, trained, and certified. Interactive Distance Training provides a learning experience that requires action by the participant. Re-creating the classroom through two-way interaction is critical for the success of each individual and the trainer.

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